Jonas Brothers Aretha Franklin Among Stars At Obama Inauguration Parties

C. Am and Stevie Wonder. I. Perhaps the biggest name of all, the same Obama, starting with a welcome to the crowd. HBO off the festivities Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial, with an afternoon of music and readings with those results as Beyonc Mary J Blige Bono Garth Brooks Sheryl Crow Josh Groban Herbie Hancock John Legend Jennifer Nettles John Mellencamp Usher Raymond IV Shakira Bruce Springsteen James Taylorwill. If his inaugural festival is any indication, then President-elect Barack Obama will be a rockin leader of the free world. Concert celebrating the new presidency are planned in over several days in Washington, D., With HBO and ABC Putting together the largest and ventilation to live across the nation.

15.5.09 09:56


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