Jennifer Lopez Accused Of Quot Worming Quot Into Obama Inauguration

Jennifer Lopez was accused of being an opportunist for agreeing to appear at Latino Inaugural Ball i... weiterlesen

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Jonas Brothers Aretha Franklin Among Stars At Obama Inauguration Parties

C. Am and Stevie Wonder. I. Perhaps the biggest name of all, the same Obama, starting with a welcome... weiterlesen

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Patrick Swayze The Best Thing About Beast

Patrick Swayze can be fought pancreatic cancer, but wouldn so to observe the actor powerful performa... weiterlesen

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Jordan Woods Beckham White Dont Bet Against It Meet Sports Likely Next Global Superstar

At 22, white and David Beckham reached levels Tiger Wood name recognition worldwide. The issue in No... weiterlesen

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Elizabeth Taylor

For Mike Nichols film version (her debut direct), the former stand-up comedian kept the claustrophob... weiterlesen

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